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Updated: Jul 2, 2023

A friend and colleague, was sharing his experience of leading a training with middle and upper managers of a relatively large organization. During the introduction he asked the following, “Raise your hand if you believe there needs to be changes in the organization”. Most every hand was raised. He then followed that with, “Raise your hand if you think you need to make some changes”. Very few hands were raised.

I found that story amusing and decided to ask the same questions in several trainings. Same result. Most people think that others need to change or create change. Most people would like their life partner to make some changes or their boss, colleagues, friends, government, etc. but they don’t see the need to change themselves. For example, can you relate to the following statement: “If everybody drove like I do, accidents would decrease at an incredible rate”.

At CRF Industries we believe that change begins in oneself. As the lyrics in the song “Man in The Mirror”; “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways”. Similarly,

“To change what you get, you must change who you are”.

Vernon Howard

A prevalent request from business owners and managers is to create teamwork and alignment. However, they want and expect others to change but don’t see the need to change themselves. This creates a “victim attitude” in organizations and systems. The manager or owner feels victimized by his employees and the employees feel victimized by the manager. This creates a destructive, gossipy environment.

The answer to creating real change is to change focus and attitude. This can be accomplished only by raising consciousness. To shift attitude and raise consciousness some trainers apply this popular statement “if it is to be it is up to me.” The questions automatically change from Who is to blame? Who is at fault? To questions more like “What is truly important right now?”, “What kind of results and experience am I committed to?” The result is an attitude change which will undoubtedly achieve positive results.

Taking this a step further, we modify the popular statement mentioned in the previous paragraph to: “It’s up to me to create we”. In other words, if I want to create teamwork and alignment in my organization, it’s up to me to create it. This is true even if it is not clear how to accomplish it. Once the attitude changes than the focus changes. Once the focus changes than the action also changes and enables different results. Our sequence in coaching is first change the belief or habit which automatically shifts the attitude. Then, choose the action and finally create the result. This sequence can only occur by raising awareness regarding limiting beliefs or habits. An example of action could be research or ask for coaching.

Many consulting organizations promise to create teamwork and alignment and fail miserably. They just create a temporary team experience. True change requires Discovery, Breakthrough and Maintenance (Practice).

What we do at CRF Industries is just that. We support organizations and individuals to create positive results by first engaging in a discovery process. Once the issue or source of the problem is discovered then there is an opportunity to breakthrough whatever the obstacle may be (for ex. belief, fear, habit). Breakthrough will occur by taking action tailored to the problem thus creating the potential for the desired longer lasting result. To achieve the long-lasting result usually requires practice and maintenance.

CRF Industries becomes your partner to create the desired results by going thru a mutually designed process of discovery, breakthrough and maintenance. It is a process unique to the individual or organization. This approach may sound simple and maybe it is, but, it is not easy. It requires commitment. We are ready, are you?

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