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Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Historically, when a group of people identify a common enemy they come together – people UNITE. Some common examples in our country are 9/11 and Pearl Harbor among others. Other examples could be unseen crisis like the great depression or even the flooding in Houston not long ago.

However, such unity doesn’t seem to be as universal with COVID-19 crisis, we are definitely divided in our country. In fact, we are very divided and things have become political. In the examples of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor we had a common enemy and common PURPOSE – freedom. This seemed to create alignment of strategy and activities to solve the crisis. Obviously, this is not true with COVID-19. Some people say “let’s wait for the experts to come up with a cure and a vaccine”. Stay home and only do essential outings for food and medicine. Others strongly advocate “there is no real crisis, this is no different than the flu, which claims tens of thousands of lives every year. We should continue with our activities as always.” Still others say “lets proceed with caution but let’s open business with some modifications like distancing, masks and hand washing.” Such disparity has created considerable DIVISIVENESS. We are not aligned in purpose so we can’t possibly align in strategies or activities. We are wasting considerable energy by fighting and arguing – energy that could be more productive by working together. If Covid-19 is a wakeup call, we are not waking up with the kind of unity necessary to effectively defeat our common enemy. Unfortunately, we are not the “UNITED STATES”, so we may never be completely successful in defeating this enemy. However, there is a powerful lesson we can learn and apply in the business world – align in purpose and then you can align in strategy and activities. In fact, there is no need to wait for a common enemy, have a common purpose throughout your organization. The truth is many organizations like Raising Canes & HEB have done this recently. They are working together to help others and make a difference. Ask yourself, as a LEADER, has your organization learned from this pandemic or just observed it?

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